Current Topics in Agronomic Science
Vol. 2 No. 2 (2022): July-December
ISSNe: 2954-4440
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Cintillo Legal
Use of native forages for regional nutritional blocks as goat feed supplement
J. Encarnación García-Portuguez
pages 1-7
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Relevance of cold chain for meat products focusing on pork meat
Ilse Patricia Hernández-Magos, Ema de Jesús Maldonado-Simán, Pedro Arriaga-Lorenzo, Pedro Arturo Martínez-Hernández, Jorge Luis Castrellón-Montelongo, Itzel Santiago-Figueroa
pages 9-13
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Determination of rice seed costs in La Mojana subregion in Colombia
Antonio María Martínez Reina, Shirley Patricia Pérez Cantero, José Gregorio Morales Angulo, Jorge Luis Romero Ferrer
pages 15-22
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Climate change and effects on the condensation strip of the fog forest in the Sierra Otomi-Tepehua, Hidalgo, Mexico
Mario Castelán-Lorenzo, Manuel Navarrete-González
pages 23-29
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